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Biden’s Costly Betrayal

Biden’s Costly BetrayalBiden’s Costly Betrayal

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Appeasing evil has been proven to be historically costly. The Biden presidency, or better expressed, the Biden-Obama regime, has outdone any previous U.S. administration in advancing radical ideologies and their movements and making the world a more dangerous and less free place. Enamored by Shia Islamism and far-left proposals, first Barack Obama and then his proxy Joe Biden have managed to destroy equilibrium and, subsequently, the political ecosystem of the Middle East.

Claiming to have responded to an Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, a massive air attack was launched by the Islamic Shia dictatorship on Saturday, April 13. Iran launched 320 air assault weaponary consisting of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones. These are serious weapons of war. Had Israel not possessed its emblematic, state-of-the-art missile defense system, the country would have been devastated. The decision by Islamic despotism to take this brazen action marks a pivotal defeat for the West and proof that the U.S. under the current leadership has lost its path.

American foreign policy failures often have catastrophic and long-standing consequences. The Iranian tragedy began when Jimmy Carter betrayed the staunch pro-Western Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, thus enabling the radical Islamist Ruhollah Khomeini to seize power. The U.S. has not learned the lesson that often the medicine is worse than the disease. Dwight Eisenhower made the same mistake with Batista in Cuba and Carter, again, in Nicaragua with Somoza. What followed was much more tyrannical, impoverishing, and costly to democratic order. If you are going to strategize for the tumbling of an authoritarian regime, make sure its replacement will not be a totalitarian one.

From the onset in 1979, the Iranian Shiite dictatorship declared a jihad on the U.S., Israel, and Western civilization. This war has never let up. The Islamic Republic of Iran facilitated its territory and state networks to partner with extremist Sunni movements and far-left regimes to make the world deadlier for democracy. Fortunately, the West was able to count on Israel and moderate Muslim Sunni countries to counterbalance the revolutionary ambitions of radical Islam. Obama sabotaged the delicate Middle East balance by favoring Khomeinist Iran and Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah. The use of Iranian land, money, logistics, and state power to further international jihad, a fused toxic blend of Islamism and Socialism, has had an enormous extraterritorial reach.

When Obama shepherded an infamous deal in 2015 that granted Iran access to an estimated $150 billion, which was made available in 2016, the needed funds for the jihad against the West were found. Money, commodities, and non-liquid financial assets are all fungible. It does not take much brilliance to conclude the enormous value of this transfer of wealth. The fact that the money “belonged” to Iran is irrelevant. It was kept from the coffers of the terrorist Islamic regime by the same rationale that assets are separated from organized crime units and drug cartel warlords. These lawless groups kill people and do terrible things. The U.S. Defense Department had conclusive evidence, as early as July 2015, that Iran was directly responsible for the deaths of over 500 U.S. soldiers by IED artifacts. The testimony of General Joseph S. Dunford, Jr., before the Senate Armed Services Committee confirmed this fact. However, this disturbing information did nothing to dissuade Obama from pursuing this fatal giveaway to Iran.    

Biden, serving as Obama’s surrogate, deconstructed the sanctions that Donald Trump had placed on the Iranian dictatorship. Business was not only returned to usual; it was amplified. Authoritarian but pro-Western states such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, among others, were pivoted again to the disadvantaged regional position of the Obama days. Iranian radicalism returned to being a pampered and protected American entity in Middle Eastern politics. Not even the audacious October 7 Hamas invasion of Israel and the horrific slaughter and enslavement of Israeli citizens produced a divorce between Biden’s America and Khomeinist Iran.

Hamas has a symbiotic relationship with the Ayatollah regime. Without Iran, it would not have been possible to attack Israel. Despite this known and undisputable fact, Biden granted the Iranian regime a waiver on March 13, 2024, which gave Tehran access to $10 billion. This occurred a full five months after the Hamas invasion and in the middle of Israel’s exercise of its sovereign defense and hostage rescue attempts. Biden’s betrayal does not stop there. It goes on to arrogantly rewrite the rules of engagement in war, configured to benefit the Islamic aggressors.

Barak Ravid of Walla, an Israeli news website, reported and updated on Sunday, April 14, that Biden had told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a telephone call, that the U.S. would not support Israel in a counterattack on Iran. Furthermore, a week earlier, Biden blatantly warned Israel that the U.S. would terminate support if an “immediate ceasefire” was not established, and the Israeli Defense Force withdraw from southern Gaza. Just as Israel is concluding it’s just war against Islamic jihadism, the current American president appears to want to avoid the collapse of Hamas.

During this time of darkness in American political leadership, which is owned by Islamism and the ultra-left, Israel must pursue total victory in Gaza, and it must strike back against the Islamic Republic of Iran. To not follow through with either of the objectives mentioned will only produce deadlier actions from the Islamic aggressors and their Marxist allies. The state of Israel, the lives of Jews and Christians, and the survival of the West are at stake. In the end, American society will not abandon Israel, even if Biden and the Left have already done so.

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