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Biden-Harris Administration: The Price of Weakness and Betrayal

Biden-Harris Administration: The Price of Weakness and BetrayalBiden-Harris Administration: The Price of Weakness and Betrayal.

If history teaches us anything, it is that the price of weakness and betrayal is far greater than the cost borne for remaining free. The Biden-Harris administration’s total capitulation before Islamic fundamentalism and the abandonment of the people of Afghanistan will have consequences far beyond this landlocked country. A new jihad is underway against Western civilization, with the United States as its main target. The brutish band of the barbarian Taliban has proved to the world that when the United States is governed by weak, incompetent, and un-American groups of people, such as the American left, it is inert.

During an interview in 1946 with American communist journalist Anna Louise Strong, Mao Tse-tung referred to the United States as a “paper tiger”. The world’s greatest mass murderer (Mao) made a judgment call about America, sensing her resolve to support the sovereign state of the Republic of China (ROC) during the communist war for political control (1927-1937 and 1945-1949). Unfortunately, Mao was correct in believing the United States would abandon Chiang Kai-shek and the ROC. 

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The invasion of South Korea by the communist forces of North Korea in 1950 was highly likely attributable to a negligent speech given by Secretary of State Dean G. Acheson in January of that year at the National Press Club. When he defined America’s “defensive perimeter” in the Pacific and avoided mentioning Korea as part of that protected sphere of influence, the communist North interpreted that as abandonment and in less than six months, crossed the 38th parallel line and started the Korean War, which ended costing approximately 34,000 American lives. 

America’s retreat from Afghanistan is being, in the end, dictated by the Taliban regime. Biden’s flirtation with an extended withdrawal date request was flatly denied by the rogue fundamentalists. Despite their inferior military capacity, the Taliban are calling all the shots. Humiliating the United States before the world, particularly, the Islamic and socialist regimes and movements across the globe is part of their jihadist strategy. Nothing will recruit more soldiers to fight the “infidels” than the rape of American dignity. Nothing will embolden more Red China against Taiwan, communist Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua against its people, and North Korea against the South, than the frailty of American resolve that its leadership is displaying.

” If history teaches us anything, is that the price of weakness and betrayal is far greater than the cost borne for remaining free. The Biden-Harris administration’s total capitulation before Islamic fundamentalism and the abandonment of the people of Afghanistan will have consequences far beyond this landlocked country”. (EFE)

The horrific terrorist attack at Kabul Airport and its vicinity on August 26th, lay bare the little respect and fear that the Taliban have for the United States. While ISIS has laid claim to this belluine act, this could not have happened without the complicity of the Taliban regime, overt or tacit. This monolithic Pashtun Pakistani-made killing machine (Taliban) controls all the checkpoints into the airport. There is no way ISIS could have acted alone. 

The notion being peddled by many Biden-Harris apologists is that ISIS and the Taliban are rivals. This belief ignores the bigger picture of what constitutes a “jihad”. An Arabic word, jihad means a struggle and in practical application conveys a fight or war against all enemies of Islam (“infidels”). Thus, the overarching commonalities that bind ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and even Iran, for that matter, is that they are in a struggle against the non-Islamic world. The first three are all Sunni Muslims who seek to impose Sharia Law universally, in a Sharia-driven Islamic state. Even the Shiite fundamentalist Ayatollah regime is enjoined by their greater cause of destroying the Western Judeo-Christian free societies of the world. 

While, undoubtedly, it will take another administration, one that is consistent with an American exceptionalism mindset, to remedy the grave calamity that the Biden-Harris government and Obama’s Democratic Party are doing to America. The Islamist base that will become Afghanistan, may not have seen the end of American soldiers. An action policy reversing the losses that will emanate from this surrender to evil radicalism will play itself out, unavoidable. In the meantime, prepare for the coming large-scale Islamist terrorist acts and the emboldening of socialism.

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🖋️Author Julio M. Shiling

J M Shiling Author circle red blue🖋️Author Julio M. Shiling 
Julio M. Shiling is a political scientist, writer, columnist, lecturer, media commentator, and director of Patria de Martí and The CubanAmerican Voice. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. He is a member of The American Political Science Association and The PEN Club (Cuban Writers in Exile Chapter).

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