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A Referendum on a Postmodern Regime in the USA

A Referendum on a Postmodern Regime in the USAA Referendum on a Postmodern Regime in the USA.

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The 2022 midterm election is a referendum, not on a government of a particular party with competing policy goals, but on a regime that is dead set on producing a systemic change. Left-wing radicals have sequestered the Democratic Party. The condition of “regime” is met by the auxiliary role that mass corporate media, the Big Tech cartel, woke capitalists, and the federal agencies of law enforcement (FBI, CIA, and DOJ) have in coalescing with the political power in a war to deconstruct America. 

Let’s be clear about the facts. The danger confronting the U.S. is not the potentiality of it transitioning into a social democracy. Socialism and social democracy are two entirely unique animals. The former destroys freedom. The latter undertakes a welfare-state approach within a democratic, capitalist system. The Nordic model, to stress the point, is not socialist. The leftist regime in power today is bent on establishing socialism within the postmodern context.

Without getting too bogged down in philosophical technicality, it becomes, however, inescapable to totally avert it. Every historical timeframe moves within a predominating intellectual paradigm. The Modern Era, for example, rested enormously on reason. Postmodernism, a frustrated child of cultural Marxism, is the intellectual framework in which we are living today. The postmodernist worldview argues that knowledge and truth are socially constricted and power springs from the emanating sociopolitical structure. 

The fall of Soviet communism launched a full throttle methodological shift of how to build socialism within Western democracies. This was the case particularly in the U.S. within American academia. Going forward, it would be implemented incrementally along the Neo-Marxist-Fabian socialist prototype. Its emphasis on culture as the determinant variable was fused with postmodernism. This toxic philosophical bond (Marxism and postmodernism) gave the material theology of Critical Theory (a Frankfurt School product) an expanded epistemological claim. The venomous “logic” of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Ideology (GI), and Critical Queer Theory (CQT) being forced upon Americans today, is the result of this tragic phenomena.

Postmodern philosophers like Michel Foucault, Jean-François Lyotard, and Jacques Derrida, all Marxists that were formed in the mindset of György Lukács, Antonio Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School entourage (Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse) took cultural Marxism beyond the limits of concrete thinking. By legitimizing anything with a false reality if it fits a “lived experience” narrative or other identity group qualms, becomes “valid”. “Legitimation by paralogy” is what Lyotard called it.

Marxist postmodern strides were evident since the 1960s and gained momentum in the 1970s. However, the objective of having the cultural means of production work for socialism was marginal. The communist terror groups based in the U.S. during that period and the Saul Alinsky movements were fringe players. It wasn’t until a Fabian socialist ideologue immersed in Marxist Critical Theory entered the White House, that the socialist “march” really took off.

By the time Barack Obama made his debut as a national political figure in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention delivering his party’s keynote speech, he was well embedded emotionally with Marxist doctrine. Aside from his mother, Ann Dunham, and her suspected lover, the trained communist, Frank Marshall Davis, as well as black liberation theology “preachers” and ultra-left domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers, Obama was influenced by a key figure of American CRT dogma.   

While studying in Harvard, Obama came under the spell of Derrick Bell, considered by many as the father of CRT. Bell pioneered Critical Legal Theory (CLT) which essentially argued that blacks could never receive justice through the legal system with the current sociopolitical order. The claim that “systemic racism” impeded this, went as far as chastising the civil rights gains as mere shenanigans by white people to continue enslaving blacks through false consciousness (a constant Marxist variable). CRT grew out of Bell’s work.  

Obama’s ascension to power in 2009 ushered in an organized and calibrated scheme for making the U.S. socialist by following the Gramscian-Fabian way. The Democratic Party was radicalized, strategic institutions such as the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS (and others) were politicized to fit the conformity of ideology and relationships with the media were formulated. The “change” that Obama promised was being fulfilled. It would take time for the piecemeal implementation of socialism with a postmodern twist.

People often misunderstand the full intricacies of Marxism and forget that political doctrines are not set in stone. Seeing socialism in certain rigid 19th century framing or 20th century applications, misses the point. Fabian socialism never divorced itself from the notion of having privately run businesses serve the political ends. Nor did the Soviet Union (remember Lenin’s New Economic Policy). Neither has China, Vietnam, nor Cuba. Marx himself was adamant that praxis was to have primacy over theory.

Obama’s presidential terms allowed for the seeding of major policies that were morally underpinned by Marxist Critical Theory posits. The “march” was going smoothly. Two imponderables, however, changed everything. One was Donald Trump in 2016. The other was George Floyd in 2020.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to serve as Obama’s third term. The American people thought otherwise. Obama did his best to stop Trump in 2016 by weaponizing the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ against the Republican candidate and later, president. The dirty war against Trump was about upholding the socialist “march” that the 45th president reverted or stalled. All the impeachment attempts, and the left-wing conspiracy theories, the cover-ups and false narratives by the corporate media and tech oligarchs were designed to derail Trump’s presidency by running out the clock. 

The second imponderable was the unfortunate death of the ex-felon, George Floyd. Since Trump’s inauguration, communist terrorist groups had been practicing subversive activities throughout the U.S. The fact that a high number of state attorney generals, financed by George Soros, would be sympathetic to Marxist domestic terrorists, encouraged the insidious activities.  The radical Left seized the moment of public discontent over Floyd’s death within the black community and launched a full-scale Marxist insurrection across the U.S. during the summer of 2020. With the communist militias of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa leading the way, and political and corporate members of the regime applauding and inciting, the “march” turned into a rebellion that was no longer stealth.

The botched 2020 election, plagued with irregularities involving changes to electoral laws by unconstitutional agents that validated questionable mail-in voting methods, the use of dark money, and a partisan media (mass and social) establishment, produced the election results that leftism sought in 2016. This time, they did not leave anything to chance. The BLM/Antifa communist revolt, which is all about the imposition of postmodern socialism, forced the Biden-Obama regime to abandon the slower pace of the “march”. By this time, Americans had become aware of the ploy. Civic consciousness in defense of freedom was raised. What followed has been a race against a ticking clock for the Left to deconstruct the U.S. as much as possible.

The Democrats have attempted everything imaginable to crush any opposition to the postmodern agenda. Categorizing conservatives as “domestic terrorists”, the FBI as political police, a two-tiered judicial system, attempting to nationalize spurious electoral laws to facilitate election theft, the holding of political prisoners (January 6 defendants), overhauling the economic model by tinkering with domestic fossil fuel production, the sexualization of children and promoting Marxist dogma (CRT, GI, and CQT) in public schools, are just some of calculated policies that have been executed for constructing a postmodern socialist state in the U.S.       

Should Democrats retain enough congressional control to continue with the socialist onslaught, notions of a free society will become delusional. In a Republican takeover of Congress, if the GOP fully understands the perils facing the American Republic and has the will to not succumb to naivety or bribery by donors, the full implementation of authoritarianism can be averted. It does not take a genius to conclude that these elections are a do or die.

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