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A Postmodern Regime

A Postmodern RegimeA Postmodern Regime.

Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States. Unlike other past chief executives of the nation, his administration will run more like a regime then a government. In a democracy, governments and civil society play different roles.

Fundamental institutions like the press and their 21st century equivalents, social media, are extended political arms of the Democratic Party in power today. Private business mirror in conduct fascist corporatist regimentation. A regime includes a government but additionally brings with it a set of institutions, laws, rituals, belief systems and a power structure. To merely identify the Biden Administration as simply a government, would be flawed. This is a postmodern presidency.

To understand and appreciate every policy that will emanate from the Biden White House, the rationalization behind it and the worldview upon which it is built, it is paramount to have a little background on what postmodernism exactly is. Basically, postmodernism is the intellectual framework we are currently living in. It began extending itself in the 1960s. This comprehensive worldview was imported from France and came fully jettisoned with German Marxism from the Frankfurt School. Essentially what it claims is that truth and knowledge are mainly socially constructed and cannot be discovered objectively. Postmodernism states that what one believes to be “true”, is strictly a function of the existing social power arrangement. 

Jean-François Lyotard, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida are considered postmodernism’s emblematic “founding fathers”. They were all full Marxists. Language and concepts, understood within the realm of a liberal democracy, is nonsensical in postmodern terms. Writing in The Postmodern Condition (1979), Lyotard expressed the postmodernist sentiment of knowledge and legitimacy, two hallmarks of any social pact configuration, with an unsettling, discomforted observation of “an internal erosion of the legitimacy principle of knowledge”.

For the postmodernist, truth, knowledge, and fact, are strictly determined by power schemes. Consequently, Foucault expressed as such in “About the Beginning of the Hermeneutics of the Self: Two Lectures at Dartmouth”; “The individual, with his identity and characteristics, is the product of a relation of power exercised over bodies, multiplicities, movements, desires, forces.” In Positions (1981)a book which is a collection of three Derrida interviews, the innovator of the “deconstruction” precept, said “We are not dealing with the peaceful coexistence of a vis-a-vis, but rather with a violent hierarchy. One of the two terms governs the other (axiologically, logically, etc.), or has the upper hand. To deconstruct the opposition, first of all, is to overturn the hierarchy at a given moment”.

A Postmodern regime emanating from the White House

Everything that Biden has done since January 20th and will do going forward, will follow the strict confines of postmodernism’s notion of legitimation and its definitive belief that America is systemically flawed and oppressive, along with its remedy for “social justice” vindication. The grand connection between postmodernism and Marxism is the latter’s predominance in the former’s intellectual underpinning. Cultural hegemony, reification, critical theory, and repressive tolerance are the postulations which will guide this administration’s actions. The previously mentioned four maxims are what constitute, what is popularly referred to as, cultural Marxism. Postmodernism was the spreader.

“Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States. Unlike other past chief executives of the nation, his administration will run more like a regime then a government”. (EFE)

Despite the lack of evidence that racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia are serious problems in America today, the left has sequestered the narrative, altered the facts, and presented radical “solutions” that are in line with the neo-Marxist (cultural Marxism) binomial oppressor/oppressed configurations. Postmodernism, by relativizing truth and relegated knowledge to perceived social constrictions determined by power arrangements, has given the left the ammunition for the utilization of the Biden presidency to begin America’s “deconstruction”.

Some examples of these steered measures targeting the “identarian” symptoms of postmodernism’s vision is Biden’s dissolution of the 1776 Commission, an education advisory board conceived for the purpose of furthering American history, civic awareness, and patriotic values. In its place, the reinsertion of the Marxist Critical Race Theory as basic curriculum along with the promotion of the 1619 Project, a fraudulent interpretation of American history to suit the necessary victimization insignia, so warranted by Marxist dictum. Its important to note that the concern is no longer one of “equality”. This “social justice” rampage is being presented as a battle for “equity”.  

The intended liberalization overhaul of U. S. immigration policy, coupled with the request to boost minimum wage laws, in an era of a tight labor market given the shutdowns in a pandemic, is completely illogical according to sound economic laws. Yet, postmodernism establishes its own parallel logic. Or as Lyotard called it “legitimation by paralogy”. The politics of the action employed by a postmodernist regime bears its own logic that has nothing to do with the objective truth, knowledge, or facts.     

The Biden presidency is the trojan horse for leftism’s intent to transform America. Postmodernism explains the overarching rationale, while cultural Marxism tells us how they are going to do it. Basic bedrocks of a democratic society, like a vibrant and free press, and an independent private sector, have capitulated and are now organic operatives of the new regime.

Democracy’s needed vast avenues for free expression and association are being curtailed more and more every day. Soft power authoritarianism is creeping in.

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