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A Bogus ‘Insurrection’

A Bogus ‘Insurrection’

A Bogus ‘Insurrection’.

The claims that the January 6 riots were an organized plot to take over the U.S. government have been debunked by the FBI.

The left, which today includes the DNC, mainstream media, and Big Tech, along with a few dissident Republicans (Never Trumpers), barefacedly refer to the January 6 Capitol Building breach (J6) as an “insurrection.” This is deceitful and petty. It undermines American democracy. This is done, not out of ignorance: it is a targeted maneuver shielded by postmodern and cultural Marxists’ demolition of language, meaning, and concepts, that suits political ends. 

There is an unequivocal precision of what an “insurrection” is, given its legal ramification. The J6 incident, unambiguously, does not fall within its categorization. Not even remotely. As the FBI concluded in August 2021, after investigating for more than seven months, there was no centralized plan directed by Donald Trump, his administration, or any group or movement, including those labeled as “far-right.” The theory that there existed a plot to interfere with the business of Congress or unlawfully enter the Capitol was falsified by the FBI.


No weapons were found on any of the alleged Capitol assailants that were arrested on J6. Of the five people that died, only one was a Capitol Police officer. Brian D. Sicknick passed away, not because of any infliction that the crowds that burst in or “attacked” him caused. The police officer suffered a heart attack outside the Capitol vicinity. Three of the deaths of the Trump supports were of natural causes. The only death directly related to a violent pattern of action was that of Ashli Babbitt. The unarmed Air Force veteran was killed at close range, by the only gunshot that was fired on J6. Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police officer that killed Babbitt was exonerated of all murder or manslaughter charges. 

The Trump White House advised DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to beef up security days before J6. The far-left DC leader refused. Bowser affirmed that she did not want to militarize Washington. The DC Metropolitan Police concurred with Trump and issued a warning to the Capitol Police that “there [were] detailed plans to storm federal buildings.” The FBI, Secret Service, and other intelligence operatives of the government proved enormous failings. The Secret Service concluded that there was “no indication of civil disobedience.” Daily Intelligence Reports from the Capitol Police stated that the probability of civil unrest was “remote” to “improbable.”

There is an enormity of facts that would classify the J6 event as an act of illegal trespassing and disorderly conduct at the most. Video recordings of Capitol Police and other building security personnel amiably facilitating the entrance of the crowds abounds lends confusion to the notion that malice and brute entry was at the heart of the breachers’ actions. It is also worth noting that the Department of Justice is withholding over 14,000 hours of video footage of the Capitol from public view. Given the politicized nature of Congress, the whole truth appears a distant phenomenon. 

Why does the Left insist on classifying J6 as an “insurrection?” Ideological conformity and strategic planning require it. The powergrab Obama’s Democratic Party is engaging in is morally underpinned by Marxist Critical Race Theory. The identarian path to socialism necessitates victims. Consequently, there must be victimizers. That is where systemic racism and the “white supremacy/nationalists” conspiracy theories of the Left come into play. President Joe Biden’s divisive, hateful, and aggressive one-year anniversary speech wasn’t just because he may be an angry old man.

The calculated rhetoric of his J6 rant was overflowing with disinformation and falsehoods. The authors of the text are fully aware that to successfully criminalize the conservative opposition, they must establish that there is an existential threat to our “democracy”, even if there really is not. It is no coincidence that Vice President Kamala Harris, in a speech preceding Biden’s, equated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a literal act of war, and the 9/11 massacre, with the J6 Capitol break-in. This is a moral aberration, an assault on the truth and deserves to be repudiated by the entire country! The left is running on different fronts towards authoritarianism in the United States. The fraudulent “insurrection” is one of them.

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