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5 Things the Cuban Military and State Security Must Know

5 things the cuban military and state security5 Things the Cuban Military and State Security Must Know.

The Cuban Uprising of 2021, a popular, national mass movement that began on July 11th, 2021, initiated a liberation process that is irreversible. The purpose is clear. The people of Cuba are fed up with communist tyrannical rule and are demanding and fighting for freedom. There are five things the Cuban military and State Security must know.

Transitional Justice will be exercised

Cuba will not repeat the errors of Russia, Nicaragua, and many of the former socialist bloc countries that did not initiate processes of decommunization and transitional justice. Understanding that upon the collapse of Cuban communism, the liberation, a new phase begins: the democratization process. Its biggest challenge is dealing with the Castro-Communist criminal past that some or many of you are responsible for. Transitional justice has three fundamental tasks: (1) identify the crime; (2) prosecute the criminal; and (3) indemnify the victim. Since there can be no rule of law, a bedrock of a free republican system of government, the application of transitional justice will be compulsory. 

Digital age facilitates identification   

The apparatus of a totalitarian regime extends great cover for the consummation of regime-driven crimes against humanity. The digital age, with this its instruments of social media, the Internet, mobile phones, and other digital devices, have empowered the full stratum of Cuban society with the ability to accurately document punishable crimes. Since the Castro regime with its pathetic socialist system has been unable to provide for basic necessities and cover its enormous systemic cost of repression, it has been forced to allow these electronic gadgets and services in exchange for desperately needed hard currency for its survivability. In other words, communist Cuba cannot escape the necessity of tolerating electronic devices. Consequently, the Cuban people will continue to possess the means to adequately accumulate evidence needed to identify you as a participant in criminal activity and the free Cuban state will prosecute you.

The Radbruch Formula and Nuremberg Trials precedent

The Radbruch Formula, a theory of law formulated in 1946 by German legal scholar and politician, Gustav Radbruch, established a moral and judicial correlation with the Nuremberg Trials and the principle of unjust laws and their immorality. The Nazi regime, just as Castro-Communism, operates under the guise of legal sanctity. It “legalizes” criminal activity by utilizing regime-based legalism. The Nazi holocaust, for example, was “legal” under Nazi rule.

Essentially, the Radruch Formula held that a “law” annuls itself once what it licenses crosses realms of barbarity. This is what Radbruck called “extreme unjustness”. Positive law (conventional law) cannot overstep Natural law. Another important consequence of the Nuremberg Trials was the overruling of “following orders” excuse. Abiding by orders that cause one to violate basic elemental codes of human decency, places accountability with the actual executioner of the crime, not just the person who gave the orders. To be clear, you will not be able to blame others for your crimes.

The disposability of communist leadership

Since merit based on talent, competency, and responsibility are not inherent in communist dictatorships, once the Castro regime feels that you are not useful, they will abandon you. Remember Army General Arnaldo Ochoa and Interior Minister José Abrantes? If you have any relevance in the Marxist-Leninist government in Cuba, you can be the next scapegoat. The sudden and mysterious death of Division General of the Eastern Army Agustín Peña Porres, this Saturday, July 17th, is a predictable indication that dissension between the communist dictatorship is real. The top echelon of the military and the state security apparatus live in a secure environment. They do not have to go and mingle with the Cuban population like most of you. Those neighbors today will be your accusers tomorrow in a free Cuban court.   

Expurgate your sins

If you believe in or have a potential inclination to accept the existence of a transcendental order, expurgate your sins now. The price for gross conduct against your brethren will be much higher in the afterlife. Lustrate your indignant past by the most glorious method possible: combat the evil which you served. For those non-believers, be assured that the wrath of a justice-thirsty nation that has been plundered, bludgeon, and held captive by a sociopolitical tyrannical system you served and helped stay in power, will not go unchecked here on Earth. The crimes you committed and may be committing will receive justice, both, in the temporal and eternal existence.

Cuba will be free. It is just a matter of time. The current Cuban military and state security have been put on notice. The role you play or have played in the longest, most brutal, subversive and imperialistic dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere’s history will not be ignored. The actions you take today will determine your fate in the free Cuba which is gestating. Do not say later that you were not warned.

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