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2023: A Year of Corroboration

2023 A Year of Corroboration2023: A Year of Corroboration

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Focus is typically emphasized for the new. This leaves the past, or the old, in a disconnected state. Nothing typifies this more than the changing of the year. In the historical clock, 2023 should be revered as a year that unmasked realities that movements and individuals seeking to shepherd political tides would rather the majority did not take notice of. The parting year offered us conclusive evidence that challenges many false postulations that the cultural hegemonic elite has promoted or sought to hide for decades.

Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace and Jihad Is a War Against Judaism and Christianity

The October invasion of sovereign Israeli territory by an Islamic quasi-state and the de facto ruler of Gaza lay bare many truths. This Islamic assault on the West is a religious war. The Islamist aggressors, the material as well as the intellectual and logistical architects, are abiding by the Quranic scripts. The brutality of the wars of conquest and occupation launched by Mohammad and his followers and levied over Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Persian lands, and their occupants, has been the case since the 7th century. Hamas is simply following in detail what Islam’s founder established as precedent.

The West is the target of Islamism. It always has. It must think and act responsibly. A carrot-and-stick approach would be the smartest solution. Reach out and support currents of moderation and reform with adherents of Islam. Sharia law is incompatible with a free society, consensual governance, and the rule of law. Immigration into the West from Muslim countries must require assimilation into the prevailing Judeo-Christian culture, not the other way around. Regimes and movements that support and sponsor Islamic holy wars must be confronted, not rewarded.

Islamism and Marxism Are Allied

Marxism, by way of its dark and heavy influence in the cultural, legal, and political realms, has been in a tight-knit relationship with Islamism for decades. The Islamic war on Israel has made this undeniably clear. The enamored and militant support of important sectors of American society for the Palestinian “cause”, a concocted cultural Marxist stratagem, shows just how successful the communist theories of the KGB, Franz Fanon, and Edward Said have been. Critical Post-Colonial Theory, an offshoot of the Frankfurt School, is the epistemological well of rationalization that insists on granting national identity status to Muslim residents and their heirs of the former geographical area known as Palestine. 2023 has showcased this calamity pristinely.

The level of misinformation, disinformation, and blatant falsehoods that underlie the whole basis for a Palestinian national identity and, regrettably, the tacit apologia for the crimes against humanity that the Islamists committed and are committing is revolting. This must force upon those who support democracy and freedom, a serious examination of the dangers that the propagandizing of Neo-Marxist dogma in centers of education has had. This must be reversed at all levels of schooling and clusters of intellectual development.

The U.S. Is on an Authoritarian Path

The U.S. is not Cuba, China, Russia, or Iran. However, it certainly was not the U.S. before Obama’s assault on American institutions. America is unquestionably less free. Its electoral system is not as trustworthy. While the federal system's setup has been pivotal in challenging this onslaught, can it survive? Will the Supreme Court step in and curb the abuse of power?  Free expression has been curtailed, political persecution is a fact, and election tampering is clearly visible. Obama weaponized key government bodies such as the FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA, and DOJ, along with the Democratic Party. The precisely stated goal was to comprehensively, but in a gradual way, transform America. In collusion with powerful elements of the cultural means of production, the Left and the Biden-Obama regime have gone very far in this feat.

The utilization of courts and the manipulation of legal theory in targeted judicial venues to eliminate political opponents have produced political prisoners, something basically alien and rare to American history. Jail sentences of one to two decades to individuals who unlawfully entered or plotted to enter a federal building (January 6 Capitol Building breach) in a single day were handed down by the Biden DOJ. Yet over 95% of saboteurs, rioters, and arsonists who waged a Marxist-inspired, Black Lives Matter and Antifa-led uprising for close to four months received, for the most part, blanket impunity for their crimes. This reflects more than a mere two-tiered justice system. It is the tip of the iceberg in terms of blatant political persecution and election tampering.

Over a five-month span in 2023, President Donald Trump was charged in four cases. With flimsy legal substance but plenty of political conviction, the war to make Trump disappear has taken new heights. In addition to this being a classical witch hunt, the fact that he is the Republican front-runner in the 2024 presidential election makes this legal warfare and clear election interference. These tactics emulate what Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Maduro, and Daniel Ortega do to those who effectively oppose them. With two states having, as of this writing, disenfranchised American voters and disallowed their ability to compete for votes, the unimaginable is not happening.

Pope Francis Further Distances Himself From Christ

For Pope Francis, 2023 witnessed much activity in his mission to deconstruct Christianity. Paganism was gleefully highlighted by the bishop of Rome in his divinization of the planet. Neo-Marxist tenets were given preference over Catholic orthodoxy and conservative positions at the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in October. Unprecedented persecution of opposing viewpoints and expressions within Catholicism was carried out. The removal of Bishop Joseph Strickland of Texas is just one case in point.


What stands out the most in 2023 has been how many pretenses were unmasked during the year. The socialist dictatorships of the Western Hemisphere have found a tacit partner in Biden. The U.S. and Cuba have continued to have high-level amiable talks without the communist regime having released any of the over 1,000 political prisoners. Sanctions being released, along with convicted criminals, to swoon the Venezuelan dictatorship in exchange for oil only boldens tyranny. The Left is aware they have a friend in Washington.  

Greater clarity is always welcomed. 2023 unveiled many myths and lies. It laid to rest the label of “conspiracy theorist” for notions of political persecution, the application of the law, and the manipulation of the electoral system in the U.S. Islamism, historically, has been and remains in a “holy” war against the West. Socialism and political Islam have always shared common denominators. Now Marxism, by way of its cultural adages, has bonded tangibly with Islamists. It is there for all to see. The challenges for 2024 are many. 2023 should serve as an important reference point.

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